HK Shares & Warrants

HK Shares & Warrants

What will be the charges if I do not complete the Share Re-registration procedures after withdraw physical scrip?

There will be a charge of 1% or a minimum of HK$500 on gross-claim amounts of Dividend Claim/Bonus Shares plus out of pocket fee if you subsequently initiate a dividend/bonus shares claim via us, as the shares were not re-registered in your own name after the physical-shares withdrawal

(charges and fees are subject to change without prior notice).

Last Update: 2022-01-07

How do I find the Registrar of my physical scrip?

Listed companies have appointed their own registrars, which may not be the same.  The registrar’s name and address are shown at the bottom of the physical scrip.  For the sake of prudence, prior to making arrangements for Share Transfer Registration, we recommend that you first check the updated details of the listed company’s registrar through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website.

Last Update: 2022-01-07

What should I do after collecting the Physical Scrip and are there any fees or charges involved?

After collecting the purchased Physical Scrip, you will need to submit the Physical Scrip along with the ‘Form of Transfer’ to the designated registrar for re-register the shares into your own name. As a reference, you are required to pay a scrip fee of HK$2.5 for each share certificate either to be issued or submitted for cancellation (whichever is higher); and the transfer will usually take 10 business days (Please refer to the relevant registrar for further details).

(In respect to those withdrawn physical stocks that we have kept for your custody, you will need to go to the Inland Revenue Department to obtain the “No Ad Valorem Duty Payable” stamp on the “Form of Transfer” before you arrange with the Share Registrar for the share re-registration.)

Last Update: 2022-01-07

How do I collect my physical scrip?

Normally it takes two business days for the physical shares to be ready.  Your Wealth Manager will contact you by phone or email when the physical shares are ready for collection.  You will then need to collect the physical scrip from our Customer Settlement Counter.

Last Update: 2022-01-07

How can I make a request to withdraw my physical scrip?

Requests can be made via the following channels:

Online request
To notify us of your request, login to www.ebshkfg.com and go to the HK Shares trading page.  Complete and submit the online Physical Stocks Withdrawal form.  We will then send you a confirmation of the physical-stock withdrawal by email.

Written request
If you cannot submit the form via Internet, you can obtain the Physical Stocks Withdrawal form from your Wealth Manager. Complete and submit the duly signed form to your Wealth Manager.

Instructions sent before 2:00pm will be processed on the same day.  Otherwise your instructions will be processed on the next working day.

Last Update: 2022-01-07

When can I place an instruction to withdraw my purchased physical scrip?

You can withdraw your physical scrip on or after the next trading day of the settlement day (T+2).

Last Update: 2022-01-07

HK Shares IPO

How do I withdraw the allotted shares from my account?

Please refer to the section of HK Shares & Warrants.

Last Update: 2022-01-07

When can I withdraw/sell the allotted shares from my account?

You can withdraw/sell the allotted shares through your trading account from the listing date, as long as you have the shares in your account.

Last Update: 2022-01-07

US Shares

How do I withdraw physical scrip?

No physical stock withdrawal services provided.

Last Update: 2022-01-07

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