Everbright Securities International (“EBSI”) provides you with a series of bonds, including government bonds, corporate bonds and perpetual bonds etc. You can select the bonds that match your investment needs.  

What is bond?

Bonds are kinds of debt instrument. Issuers raise funds from the market through issuing bonds, and will pay coupons (“interests of bonds”) and refund the face value of the bonds to bondholders on schedule. The return of bonds is relatively higher than that of bank deposits. Bonds, different from equities, are mainly traded in the OTC market. Bondholders will have a higher priority claim against the assets of the company than shareholders in the event of insolvency.

Here are some examples of bonds

Government Bonds : Bonds which are issued by countries or governments which generally perceive relatively lower default risk

Corporate Bonds : Bonds which are issued by corporations or their subsidiaries

Callable Bonds : Issuers have an option to redeem the bonds before maturity date

Perpetual Bonds : There are no maturity dates for the bonds

Floating Rate Bonds : The coupon rates of the bonds are not fixed. The coupon rates may be changed according to the terms specified in the bond prospectus.


Investments involve risk. Please click here for the Risk Disclosure Statements.


Broad selection of bonds

We provide over 1,000 bonds and CDs including various issuers, countries, currencies, industries and sectors, offering you personalised investment choices.

Professional Wealth Managers

Our Wealth Managers will provide investment advices according to your financial status and risk tolerant level. We will also review the risk and return of your bond portfolio to meet the market environment.

Bond Portfolio review

Our “Bond Portfolio review” clearly shows your bond portfolio status. You can get the whole picture of your portfolio in order to review or do switching at anytime.


Investments involve risk. Please click here for the Risk Disclosure Statements.