Bright Bullion Company Limited ("BB"), a member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society in Hong Kong, has been providing gold trading services on the Loco-London on a spot and margin basis for many years.

Our gold trading is convenient, which is an ideal investment Instrument. Our experienced Investment Consultants would be able to provide you conservative investment advice.

Note: Bright Bullion Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Everbright Securities International Company Limited and operates under a separate brand.


24-hour trading and price quotation of Loco-London Gold
As an active participant in global gold markets, we provides 24-hour market quotations and trading service, helping you to pay close attention to each investment opportunity.

Flexibility on trading
Greater flexibility is offered to the settlement of gold. In the spot market, the settlement in U.S. dollars will be effected in New York, two business days after the deal. Deferred positions can be held as long as the investor prefers. Open positions can be liquidated at any time during Asia, Europe or New York business hours.

Potential Margin trading account
We provide margin trading service in order to enhance your purchasing power. An initial margin is required on every gold contract (minimum size for one contract is 100 ounces).  If equity of the account is below 80% (or such other percentage as we may determine in its absolute discretion from time to time) of the initial margin level required, variation margin will be called. The amount of the initial margin deposit may vary from time to time at the discretion of us.

Various types of trading order
We provide various types of trading order including: Limit Order, Stop Order, and Day Order, which allow you to trade flexibly.


What is Loco-London Gold?
Loco-London Gold is a product provided in London International Financial Futures Exchange, with the purity of gold not less than 99.5%. The size of a transaction is mainly at multiples of 100 ounces. The minimum size for one contract is 100 ounces

Investments involve risk. Please click here for the Risk Disclosure Statements.